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  1. Laguna Seca july 23rd - 25th

    West Coast Region
    Who's going to GP at Laguna this ? Anybody? We're riding how about you?:)
  2. Glenn Cauley July '09 TLotM WINNER!

    Well done and well deserved :hail TLZ members can read and post their comments here >> July '09 GlennCauley
  3. July '09 TLotM VOTE NOW!!!

    TL of the Month
    Good luck guys :thumbup Gigas N2wheelies Ziggy999 GlennCauley PutteLiten
  4. Rainy trackday at Calabogie -- July 3, 2009

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Last Friday, July 3rd I was at Calabogie for a trackday with Turn2 Sportbike School. There were a fair number of people, mostly taking Level-2 training. I originally went for Level-X training (1-on-1 with instructor + GPS) but with the lousy weather I instead went into a Level-2 group. My...
  5. July '09 TLotM Nominations!!!

    TL of the Month
    Here are the Rules: Please read them.. -The contest is open to the TLR or TLS ONLY -You MUST be a MEMBER to win -One nomination by any MEMBER makes you eligible to win (nominations do not need to be seconded). -You may only nominate one other member per month -You MUST have at least 100...
  6. Group Ride July 4 Granbury, TX

    Central Region
    Group Ride Saturday July 4, 2009 We plan on having an informal, “ride at your own risk” run to Cranfills Gap and back. This ride will be comprised of some familiar and not so familiar faces so we encourage anyone looking for a good ride to come out and have some fun. A bit about our group…...
  7. knockhill july 5th

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    any tl or big twins or any others out there by chance heading up to knockhill 09 this year, group riding :)
  8. NJ Motorsports Park July 25th with TPM

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Who's going? I will be there Friday July 25th with a track buddy of mine. Ken

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Keep the 26th free, I in conjunction with Rog (Thumperzone webmaster) will be hooning around the peak district, routes and times tbc but main meeet will be in Glossop, all welcome, please state intentions below so we have an idea of numbers
  10. PegLegTLS, July '08 TLotM WINNER!

    Congratulations, well done and well deserved :cheers TLZ Members, leave you comments here >>
  11. PegLegTLS, July '08 TLotM WINNER!

    TL of the Month
    Congratulations, well done and well deserved :cheers