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  1. Isle Of Mann Tour 2010

    Aussie Forum
    Just to let you know roughly, they have now posted flight details. you can book now and pay , saves any fare going up or down, it might become cheaper if you wait, it might go the other way as well. Flying Virgin Atlantic But flight leaving on the 24th may frm melb , flying to sydney then on to...
  2. Trip to the Isle of Man Race for 2010

    Aussie Forum
    As the thread suggests, been thinking id like to go over there next year, and i was wondering if there would be anyone else that would like to come over or interested. The more people we got, im sure it would be cheaper, might organise it and get to make it like a tour of some kind ...its just a...
  3. Isle of Man TT races accomodation - First 2wks in June 2009

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    I have been approached by some people I know slightly who live on the island with a view to renting out their home for the fortnight. I have very few details at the moment but as a rough guide............. It will cost around £1200 - £1500 If you don't mind sharing a bed then it will sleep at...