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  1. anyone interested in a day at the Farm?

    Aussie Forum
    Pricey but you're dead a long time Feb 22nd 12 places only March 25th 12 places only Full day $599 Am $299 Pm $299 More dates may follow. I'm thinking about 22 Feb.
  2. Any TLS owners interested in a Kevlar fuel tank ?

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum Now they don't make them for a TLS but they do custom work. So if I send them a tank they can make one up for around the $1800 mark. Normally a tank would be around the $1100 range but like I said this is sort of a one off custom. I've bought a TLS fuel...
  3. Feeler: anyone interested in some white TLR wheels ?

    Looking to Sell
    Any fellow Canadians out there want a set of OEM TLR white wheels? I have a set that is in pretty good shape and still have a good set of Avon's mounted up. See pics below for details on condition. They are straight and only show signs of normal use. I have attempted to clean off the...
  4. Whos interested in a track day Phillip Island??

    Aussie Forum
    OK, i had a track day organised for sandown, but look a shitty track. So who is interested in a track day for the 12Th December which is a Saturday. The cost is $175 which isnt to bad. Normally for a ride day on a sat it will cost $240 Can only take road bike, no slicks or race bikes allowed...
  5. Donny 17th june.....anyone interested

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    was thinking about booking this .......can any one here be tempted. No limits £169 for full day wednesday 17th june. £75 for the evening.
  6. If anyones interested in some c/f side panels SV1000 03 - 06

    Suzuki SV650, SV1000, & Others
    To suit sv1000 (naked) 03 - 06 and perhaps sv650 , i think they use the same part but you would have to check up on that! I paid $119 for these but they do not fit sv1000s 07 models . Anyway i need to sell these so will let them go for half price ($60) + postage! Will post worldwide as these...
  7. Heads up for anyone in NSW interested in a TL

    Aussie Forum
    My very much loved and looked after TL!