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  1. Smashed inlet and exhaust valves

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    Hi guys i am back after a frustration break :laugh, today i pulled down the front cylinder, and wow o wow :banghead I found both the inlet and exhaust valves smashed to bits, I was expecting to find just the inlet valve rooted, the piston and head are totaled as one would expect, the bore and...
  2. Wtb tls inlet rubbers asap!!!!!!!

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    PM me if you got them!
  3. ***end can exhaust with inlet pipe in 2,5 inches***

    Performance Enhancement
    Hi again, Due to a bad race weekend, I fall down with my bike, and I would like to replace my endcans ,which was homemade, by another one, so I would like to know if some exhaust companies make race silencers with an inlet pipe in 2,5 inches... Thanks for you comments
  4. Boot Air inlet

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    Looking for a left boot inlet ram tube to air box pant no:484199001