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    didnt see anything around here about the race but i maybe retarded too. was a great race and i had awsome seats. we sat on the inside of turn 10 in the parts hospitality seats we could see 10, 11, 12,13, 14 and some of 16 and 17 these are from sat. 125 and GP bikes qualifying...
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    A few pic from the motogp saturday.
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    last year i got some tickets from coronajeff which were great seats. i was just wondering if anyone had any they were looking to sell already..... thanks neal
  4. Bike Pictures
    It's been a long time. this is the first piece I've done in almost a year.
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    Already high biddings :scared Unique helmet.. But hey.. It's ugly :puke If you have the loot (:pirate arrrrgh) go get it... For good cause
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    Just got back from indy speedway. TLR with 18/30 sprocket setup, great gas mileage, 75mph at 4.8k rpm. Want to thanks the tlzone member who placed a tlzone pin on my bike, thanks again. .
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    Finally, it was a storm to hit Indianapolis but its name was Valentino. It was a pleasure to watch Rossi's superiority and comfort on his M1 :hail :banana Hayden was in a great form but in the end he was lucky to keep the second place. One more lap and Lorenzo would have eaten him alive...
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    Does anyone know what channel the GP is being televised on?
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    Ducatis look to be good. Except for Melandri! Stoner's 17th position doesn't reflect his overall speed in the track. It's just the last minutes of the session that it looks like he wasn't out trying to better his position. Just three minutes earlier he was in first !!!! Rossi improved his...
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    FYI - weather permitting there are test rides available tomorrow morning (Saturday) I'm hoping for a spin on a SuperDuke as there isn't much point in riding a RC8, R-1, etc. around on city streets. There's a Triumph/BMW dealer not far from the track offering demos as well.
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    Well its ready, just have to be loaded up. Look out Indy.
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    there have been alot of ppl asking on here about this when i talk about it so here is the info ryan and i will be down there thrus afternoon.....
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    For anyone going to Indy who ordered tickets, have they come yet?
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    ok, who's going? i just logged in to, its like $110 for 3-day grandstand tickets, and $190 for the penthouse. i couldn't find anything about the pit pass, so I dunno if that's included, but i'm thinking a phouse and a pit pass and I've got myself a good 3 day weekend. Anyone else...