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    ]ust a few lines to introduce myself to this very informative site, names Cham,just swapped a cbr 1000f streetfighter for a 97 black TL1000S, i rode it home 20 miles today with a big fat grin on my face. I wanted one of these 8 years ago but wife chose the Busa instead,3 bikes later and i now...
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    herrrrooooo I'm Will, I like long walks on the beach and cold pitchers of booze and doing the drifty: I'm now the proud owner of this monster: (link to 97TLS cus I'm too lazy to re-size) which has seen better days so I'll be trolling here to try to...
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    thought i would stop lurking and say hello:)
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    Hi All I'm new on the scene here, so im just saying hello and thanx for a gr8 forum. Recently bought a TILLER and I'm loving the bike- its a real eye catcher in the Corona Team Furseal colors, (Pic posted in Bike Pics forum) and the ladies seem to be drawn to her like moths to a light Looking...
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    just thought i'd say hello