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  1. On-Board Video's from Recent 3 Hills Championship

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Did 3 days Hill Climbing for the Auto66 3 Hills Championship before me hols Me, Fat Stu, Grinfactor, RossP, MarkR1 etc Managed to get 2nd Overall after a serviced rear ohlins shock was way underdamped on the previous setup settings and tried to throw me into the scenery for the first day and a...
  2. 3 Hills Quick report

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Dalby Forest Friday 1st: Dave ( ZRX1200) 2nd: Fat Stu 3rd: MarkR1 4th: Sam This is just before the finish line driving hard in 4th:coocoo Dalby Forest Saturday 1st: Dave 2nd: Sam 3rd: MarkR1 4th Fat Stu We go into Sunday's Olivers Mount round with Dave on 20 points & Mark, Sam & me on 16...
  3. Ride for the hills

    Aussie Forum
    Have you guys seen this?
  4. Adelaide hills towards lobethal

    Aussie Forum
    Who was out today 2 up that i passed ?