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  1. high compression piston

    Performance Enhancement
    hi 2 all its the 1st time i have posted on this forum. i was looking in 2 buying high compression piston and maybe a set of high lift cams. but would like 2 know if it is worth spending the money on the piston and cams. i would like the extra power as the bike is going 2 b used for trackdays...
  2. high mileage engines

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    my new TLS has done 72ooo miles, and appears to be still running fine, who has the highest recorded mileage then ?
  3. Headlight prob: High beam no low beam

    Help Forum
    Headlight not working today on my 97 TLS. High beams work but not the low beams. Gauges still light up and the fuse checked out. Can't get my hands on an electrical tester today, any quick fixes I should be looking for? TIA!
  4. Intermitant high rpm stumble?

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    So I love my tl went out to day and had the best ride i have ever had. Only one problem. I get fuel i ride for 15-20 miles bike is perfect runs like a dream. At about 30 miles i start getting a stumble in more noticable in 2nd and third than any other gear. If feels like someone flicking the...
  5. High winds knocked he over...

    Help Forum
    High winds knocked her over... :banghead :banghead I'm in the process of relocating homes. ...and I had to leave my baby in the elements...covered, and on a rear stand. Well, I came back from Yokosuka my new home in Fuji.. and found her laying on her side!!!! Cosmetics look okay...
  6. help tlr spluter at high revs

    Help Forum
    Hi, just wondrin if anyone has hade same fault on a recent track day i would get her up to about 9k revs and she seemed to hold back slightly and then it was as if the rev limit has changed to 8.500 to 10.000 and at some points shed kangaroo all at high revs but not max revs. I have replaced...
  7. tlr high level cans on a tls??????????

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    hi everyone iam new to this tl1 lark just purchased a 98 tl1000s (wot a bike ,dont believe the scare stories) ive just found this forum love the threads and pics but iam confused (dosent take much) iam trying to fit tlr high level cans to my tls but dont now were to begin ive looked at some of...
  8. Time to break out the high vis jacket again

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    As sad as it may look, I think I'm going to have to start wearing my high-vis jacket again. Traveling along the A358 this morning near my house and came to a straight bit with a 60mph limit. Was actually doing about 50. Approaching the A303 roundabout with the services on my left and a van...
  9. just like to say high to all at tl zone

    Open Forum
    Hi all my name is john boy from the uk have followed your web site for about five years i do enjoy reading all your input and vast range of subject you discuss on the old tl.I have a TL1000R 2002 MODEL that i have had for 6 years and is in painted rizla suzuki colours.Had a blade before for 4...
  10. High pitch whinning with bike off

    Help Forum
    Every once in awhile I hear a high pitch whinning form the back of the bike with key out. Never hear it when running or just rode. Had 4 batteries on last 7 years, but they last only 1 to 2 years whether manufctirer or aftermarket. No electric upgrades except UFO taillight and it does not...
  11. Hitachi PJ_TX100 high def projector cheap!!!

    Looking to Sell
    ok- i know this is a bit off the tl subject but I recently picked up a Hitachi PJ-TX100 high-def projector from a guy who owed me... The recent economical situation has forced me to cash in some chips. It works well but is missing the small cover that covers the bulb. i hooked it up to my...
  12. High flow injectors and fuel managment..

    Performance Enhancement
    Ok, I have a set of 2006 CBR 1000 injectors that I will be installing on my race bike. Through a fire prone experiment of running two TLR and the two CBR injectors at the same time into 20 ounce water bottles I was able to check their flow. Even though the CBR injectors are designed for a...
  13. sell pistons high compression JE

    Looking to Sell
    hi, i am selling pistons JE in high compression new in boxes complete... it is standard boring (so 98 mm) i have few set. 3 sure (and 4 maybe, depends what i do later...) i am seeling one set (so two pistons complete in boxes...) : 350 € i live in france... thanks by advance for your interest...
  14. High Beam Lights

    Help Forum
    I noticed today that when I turned my high beams on the headlights completely cut off. Low beams worked fine. I then flipped the switch a couple of times and the high beams then came on. This may be a dumb question but could the problem be anything other than the switch itself?
  15. Last street ride of the season in the high country

    Headed out southwest today, down through South Park (no there are no cartoon characters living there) turned around at Camp Como as it was getting rather chilly. The Dual Star grip heaters were working overtime and doing a good job. Saw a few helmetless red faced Harley types out there. They...
  16. high idle, flat battery....

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    hey all, been away for the last couple of weeks. got back late last night dying to ride the TL...and the battery was flat, no real surprise there. got a charger on it and got it going and it is idling at 3k. i did use choke to try and start first time, i'm assuming its just stuck. got a day off...
  17. Tls exhaust to tlr high rise system??

    Help Forum
    Hi If i Keep the front section of the exhaust from my tls will the rest of a TLR system fit the rear giving me the hight rise look of the rear cans. If not how do i get the look of the high raised cans on my TL1000s 1997. Please help.:)
  18. high idle lever sticking

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    i have gotten in the habit when in town ill throw the idle lever to take my hands off the grip ...i did this the other day and when i went to push it back the lever went back but the idle remained high buy the time i got home it had gone back i tried it again and again it
  19. stainless steel high level down pipes

    Help Forum
    hi i have been trying to find a set of stainless steel high level down pipes for my TL1OOOs can any body help. Thanks Mike
  20. Front wheel stability at high sppeds

    Help Forum
    I have a 98 TLR that I just adjusted the bike chain on. I had it too tight at first but then readjusted it which seemed to work out. Now I am having a problem with the stability of the front wheel at speeds in access of 85mph. Is this due to the rear wheel or can it be something else? The...