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    Hey whats up just bout an 02 tlr. been in love with this bike since its been out. now i finally got one. these pics are from a crappy cell phone new ones soon.
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    Just wanted to say whats to every body. Found another tlr and thought this would be the place to help me. Any way, any help would be great.
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    Had a couple of stokes of bad luck this year. I had an arthritis flare up in my knees which means i havn't ridden since the end of aprill this year. To be honest i may not be able to ride a sports bike again.:O still theres worse things to be pissed about. The real kick in the ribs was loosing...
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    just a post to get rid of the message at the top. I havent been able to stop by as much as I used too.
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    I need to replace my current car and I am considering a '98 to '99 LS400. They get rave reviews in every category except fuel economy. They ain't terrible, 19/25. Mid to High for the Luxury Car class. They can be had in the $10,000 range. The only complaints I have ever heard about a Lexus...
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    I don't know the first thing about lathes and milling, so it seemed appropriate to snag an all in one unit up when it came across my desk cheap.:confused Monday, I pick up my Smithy CB 1220 XL It's not the perfect machine, but it will...