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    Hi there. I went to my local suzuki steeler this other day and wanted to buy a clutch microswich. (the one on the handle with two wires going in) 57560-05A00 SWITCH ASSY,CLUTCH He wanted 499,- danish kroner for just the switch. (Aprox 99$) :banghead :banghead Telling me something about only...
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    Hey guys, I just bougt my first tlr and I am having some problems. The battery dies after ridding for a while. I can charge it up and ride for a while but it won't stay charged. Brand new battery too. Any help would be great thanks guys.
  3. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Anyone know where I could get a MotionPro CarbSync tool? I think Tucker Rocky probably stocks them, but I'm not sure if they have a retail sales desk. I've checked CycleGear, and the folks in Garland with no luck. -Matt
  4. Help Forum
    Has anyone had this happen to you? So I was coming home after having a killer time on the back roads of Missouri. I stopped and got some gas. Then I got on my way. I come to the first light. And the bike just stops running. No gasp or nothing, just dead. I pulled of to take a look at the battery...
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    I have a 97 TLS for those who dont know me yet. I have been looking at the TRE mod for some time now and trying wrap my mind around it. I saw the do it your self mod but I am shite with circuit boards and resistors and shit. How does all the talk regarding if you have an original ecu or not...
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    I need a clear clutch cover , a radiator guard and a water overflow bottle. Where should I look for it? Thanks, Adrian.
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    Hi all, I just had both my My front calipers serviced and seals completely changed and new EBC HH pads installed. I have steel braided lines running independently L/R from M/C too. Rotors are used but are relatively new. no warpage whatsoever. Out of curiosity I touched the disks after a ride...
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    so,, I havent driven my bike for nearly a week because the temp hasnt gotten about about 55, but it finally got up into the high 60's low 70's today so I rode it to church. well, as I'm climbing on to start her up I notice a puddle under my bike. so as its warming up I hop off and see if I can...
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    can any1 help me please was on my way back from on yer bike in aylesbury. not really giving it when bike died lost all power cut out and fi was showing on dash have tried disconnecting the battery to try resetting but no joy. has any1 got any ideas please :(
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    Iam thinking of shortening my exhaust cans ! a- D.I.Y job , just looking to pick peoples brains who may have done this before:devious and before anyone says " use the search button" i have and i could not really find anything- unless i did miss something. Iam running Scorpion legal cans...
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    If you were re cutting the thread in an exhaust collector and the bloody thing broke off inside how the hell would you get it out?:confusedDrill wont touch it.:banghead
  12. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    so i keep getting out bid on a new motor and im not gonna spend $1k on a used gamble motor, so while i have her torn down to nothing im gonna rebuild her the way i really want it. heres the plans 05 636 tail with unertail exhaust, sv1000 swingarm, streetfighter ( aka stunter) look with mx bars...
  13. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I'm getting desperate here so any help would be much appreciated. A few months back all of my signals quit working while I was on a 2000 mile trip. I've been very busy so I haven't messed with it much since then. Tonight I thought I'd try everything that I could think to try and get it figured...