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    Thanks in advance to anyone who offers advice. Here it goes: Went out on a ride with the wifey, usually she rides the TLS, I ride the TLR, but we decided to 2 up that day. We get to the parts store, do our business and get ready to leave, but......the TLS is dead. It cranks...
  2. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Went to start the tlr today. She started up but when i turned the hsndle bars it blew the ignition fuse. So i changed the fuse and went to start it again. As i started to turn bars again it blew the main fuse??? I changed that and bike turns on but does not start. I have no noise from the fuel...
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    okay i got my TLR up and running good today and took it out for the first time. Did about a 35 mile round trip. It was so hot and humid outside, i decided to ride in some shorts. While i was riding, i noticed that the left side of the bike was hotter than the right. I have a full M4 Stainless...
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    I stripped the hole on my exhaust, i took it off to install the gasket anyone know the best way to fix this. bolt on rs3's.