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  1. Afternoon project (CF heel guards)

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    So I won these carbon fiber heel guards on eBay the other day for $10.50 with $7.00 shipping. Not a bad score for $17.50. When they arrived they were in excellent condition, nearly new. They were boring looking, and were designed to fit OVER the exsisting heel guards, which made them quite a...
  2. Carbon Fibre (Fiber) Heel plates / guards

    Looking to Sell
    These are a pair of genuine carbon fibre heel plates that fit the GSXR SRADs and TL1000 models. It may fit other suzuki models - if your heel plates look like this, they probably will but please check with Powerbronze (the manufactuer) if you are unsure. Funnily enough they are slightly scuffed...
  3. Heel Guards Carbon Fibre to suit TL1000S/R

    Shiny Bits Performance Parts
    Here is the first of the items that will be provided as group buys for anyone interested. According to the TL R and S have the same part number (Item 2 is likely to be the Exhaust Heat Shields for the TLR) Finally finished with all of the moving house and country dramas and have a...
  4. Wanted: Left Mirror and Heel Gaurd TLR

    Want to Buy
    I am looking for a left mirror and a left rear heel gaurd for my 01 TLR. They need to be in very good condition as I am putting they on a VERY clean TLR. If you have either or both of these and would like to sell please message me with a price shipped to 45150. If you have a picture that would...
  5. Heel guard

    Want to Buy
    Looking to see if sone mmigt hve a heel guard for the vortex rearsets brake side, if it came with one.
  6. Real carbon fiber heel guards

    Looking to Sell
    Excellent condition $50 + shipping
  7. Heel plates & heat shields.

    Looking to Sell
    FOR SALE - together i have a pair of heel plates and a pair of heat shields standard fitment from my TLR , they are semi polished - just need abit more rubbing to finish. Will post a picture if needed :) looking for £20 GBP+ free p&p UK , anywere else add £7 GBP for overseas p&p . thanks for...
  8. Brushed Aluminum Heel Guards

    Looking to Sell
    I paid $35 plus shipping. They look great and have TL on each guard, so you can use on either model. I decided to go a different route. Still in packaging. $30 shipped
  9. How universal are Heel Guards?

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I just got my TL, and the guy who had it before me replaced the OEM heel guards with polished aluminum flames. Not exactly my style. Are ALL suzuki heel guards interchangeable? I have seen some that are listed to fit GSXrS and TLs. Where can I find some fairly inexpensive guards that aren't...
  10. WTB Heel Plates

    Want to Buy
    Must be good condition to fit an S please
  11. Heel Guards for an S

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Where can I find them polished or chrome? Thanks