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    this is my first tiller not bad seeing i only paid $1500 and it only has 11 thousand miles on it. so far i have sold the side fairings i have the tail and nose and bottom left.
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    Cuz I'm goin to Wally world to buy COD: MW2 today :devious :banana
  3. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    ok the tiller is running great! put 500 miles on the new clutch and all is well. heading out this morning on a 700 mile round trip to wisconsin with the wifey(on her own bike) and two great friends. one of which rides a tiller also. so lets start a thead about all the good rides we enjoy this...
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    your pilot say "I'm not qualified to land the plane" :scared
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    Ok, first off I can't call out on my mobile or txt as not paid the bill yet..........usual lack of funds so if anybody has been trying to contact me that is why? I HAVE NOT been ignoring you! Secondly, and I'll make this brief, the past 36 hours has seen me in & out of a crime...
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    is right here: well...i didn't want to believe it was going to happen, hopefully someone in the SEC is a bike fan and won't let it happen either. I can't see how it wouldn't pass regulation though. :banghead -:banana