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  1. Do sv 1000 cam covers fit Tl heads

    Suzuki SV650, SV1000, & Others
    As the title says Do the SV1000 cam covers fit the TLS AND TLR heads The sv covers with vents in both Thanks in advance:)
  2. Heads up offroad racing - sth oz 1 & 2 august

    Aussie Forum
    offroad racing is on :) guys this weekend at MANNUM south australia 30min casual ride 45min drive from adelaide. just before mannum turn right on the SEDAN RD it's approx...
  3. Here's one for you tech heads : Radio interferance

    Open Forum
    Just bought a subwoofer and speakers for my PC. When the speakers are on Im picking up what seems to be radio transmissions. Even if the volume is at the lowest I can still hear (But not make out voices). Now Im sure the aint the same voices that live in my head so how do I get rid of them ...
  4. TLR heads Vs ported SV1000

    Performance Enhancement
    I have the engine torn apart on my sv1000 and im looking for some upgrades and improvements . What Im looking at is cost vs performance with purchasing a set of used TLR heads w/ cams or porting my stock heads . All machine work/porting costs have been taking care of so should not be considered...
  5. Look inside my heads and tell me....

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hey gang, Here are pics of my heads inside exhaust ports. Is it normal that one side is more greyish ashy and other black dust?:O The bike runs fine, I know I need to tune it up with PC2 on a dyno but just wondering:dowhat Front cylinder: Rear cylinder: Those light scratches are from...
  6. Speeding - Dunno whats in people's heads around here at the moment

    Open Forum
    A couple of weeks ago, this was all over the news ........ A biker & pillion @ 122mph And now we have this ...... 170mph :dowhat
  7. Anyone Near Tweed Heads South??

    Aussie Forum
    I purchased a full suit of this guy who lives in the above and he rekons he has posted the item last monday. Still havent recd it. He rekons he still has the receipt for the postage and posted it from the local post office....but have my doubts...not anyone close that could call round??
  8. Two heads are better than one...

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Well She's back on the road :devious I'm no longer a member of the TL500 owners club. The old head put up quite a fight and was unwilling to let go of some of the bolts. This one snapped when removing the head. I had to drill these out as the hex is now round :) And here it is with a nice...
  9. Heads up for anyone in NSW interested in a TL

    Aussie Forum
    My very much loved and looked after TL!