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  1. Open Forum He forgot to mention his bike, bought during Harley's "Screw it Let's Ride" sales event at the height of the frenzy for over retail pricing in late 2006, is about to be repossessed as he no longer can make the payments. To add insult to...
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    Ages ago someone posted that set of pics taken of the guy on the Harley (deals gap i think) giving the camera guy the finger then it all went wrong,buggered if i can find em so has anyone got a link or the pics?Ta muchly.
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    I raced a Harley the other day, and after some really hard riding I finally managed to pass the guy. I was riding on one of those really, really, twisting sections of Mountain road with no straight sections to speak of and where most of the curves have warning signs that say "15 MPH". if I was...
  4. Photography
    returned recently form a business trip that got cancelled, but took advantage of free flights anyway :) Great trip once away from Vegas to some really lovely scenery and Angels landing in Zion park which is stunning. Once slip though and its a 2000 foot sheer drop! Some pics and a quick and...
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    It starts about 51 minutes in. It takes a few for the link to open. NWS due to language