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    It's that time of year here again when it starts to get colder. How do you keep your hands warmer during the colder months? I would look at heated grips but with the TL's charging problems I don't really think thats my best option. I've tried over-mitts before on my GS500e but they fouled the...
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    Hey folks! I want to check my shim/tappet clearance. How much space is there between the motor and frame, to get the tappet cover off, etc?? Do I need to go ask a local 4.5ft Jap for help?:confused
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    Okay, so the bike is 2003 model. I picked her up with only 2440 miles. Now home, she's just over 4,000. She needs more power. Been reading here, and it looks like I should start by modifying the air box and making up a TRE. I've seen TRE schematics for the 97, and the 98-2002, but nothing for...
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    On longer trips im finding this happens and wondered if others find the same i have tried most common things like putting the standard end bars back on, checked that wheels are balanced properly and have now changed the renthal grips to softer ones. Im also trying not to grip the handlebars to...
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    Hi guys, was wondering if anyone else has this problem and has found a way around it? After a ride out this weekend, I spent about 2 hours on some lovely twisty roads in mid Wales, didn't notice anything during the ride but after I stopped and took off my gloves, both my hands were white, no...