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    I know it's not the most miles on a TL, but it's more than most. Mainly for me, it's a personal accomplishment. A pic of the bike where it happened. Kind of in the middle of no where, south of the WY/CO state line about 20 miles.
  2. Open Forum
    HI guys happy birthday to me happy birthday to me I'm the big 50 today. And I got a new girlfriend too . And now I gotta get ready to go out. cheers to you all
  3. Want to Buy
    Ok this isnt for a bike , its for my fathers VW type 2 camper (mods hope this is ok:hail) I need 4 very fine pitch half nuts , there for the wiper spindles that come through the bulk head. Cant find any at fastener dealers so maybe there a special VW only part??? If anyone has got full nuts I...
  4. Performance Enhancement
    I got a K&N filter yesterday and whacked it in along with a modified base plate that it fits on, but the lid of my airbox still has the flappers and vacuum actuators connected. On this mornings ride I noticed an improvement to the smoothness of power delivery, there is no longer the hiccup when...
  5. MotardZone
    :coocoo those casings sure are thin...