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    just checking this will be ok i picked one up cheap and im about to go about the custom fuel tank route to suit it i see that a few people have been running what looks to be the same pump electrically does it just plug in? it looks like it has a similar plug to what i recall seeing under the...
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    is it a lie ? on the you tube link in the add i think i here the announcer say 126mph!!??!!?!? WOW
  3. eBay Auctions Forum
    Looks like this guy could have a few things of interest if asked. They are the same as the ones I've just fitted. Add two 54x168x0.5mm shims, take 0.25mm off the right spacer flange and add 2mm offset (tried with R1 '05 calipers) to the discs and they just bolt up! :laugh TLS fitting?...pass :O...
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    Looking at Sam's fork chart.... theres a couple of blanks in the column for K4/K5 GSXR750. Triple offset and fork spacing at spindle clamps... are they the same as the K3/K4 GSXR1000's ? All the other measurements look identical but one is Kayaba ond the other is Showa. Is offset and spacing...
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    Anyone got a fiche parts list for a 2001 GSXR750? a link or they can email me ([email protected]). Thanks :)
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    I know it can be done seen it in a UK mag few years ago and one here in Oz. Anyone have any knowledge of how easy hard this is and where to find info? :O
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    I need to buy an axle for my new GSXR750 K2 front end that I'm putting on my TLS- though the only bike wrecker that has an axle doesn't know which of the axles they have are for the K1-K3 750 and which are from other years. Does anyone know what dimensions I can give them so they can work out...
  8. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Me and My Cousin are going to race on the track and I want to know what yall think which bike is faster. Both bike have just about the same addons