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  1. GSXR1000K7 Wheels and Discs

    Looking to Sell
    Tyres Not Included Some minor tyre changing marks but otherwise nearly new UK Only due to Postage costs :banghead £450 + £16 P&P
  2. Suzuki GSXR1000K7 Black 600 Miles

    Looking to Sell
    Originally Bought with Minor Cosmetic Damage to Right Hand Side Anything That Was Scuffed / Cracked was Replaced with New, Even the Exhaust Can . Genuine Mileage is Around 700 but Only Showing 161 on New Clocks I Changed the Oil Filter and £50 Worth of Fully Synthetic Silkolene Complete with...
  3. GSXR1000K7 Race Parts

    Looking to Sell
    The Superduke is staying, so the GSXR has to go..... I'm putting back to stock to sell, so all the race bits are for sale (BTW The Bike is also for sale in Black with less than 600 miles on the clock) No idea on prices yet as I was going to put on Ebay for a 1p start price and let the market...