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  1. Remus Grand Prix Fitment guide

    Performance Enhancement
    Hi All new member here! I just purchased some Remus Grand Prix exhausts for my TL1000 S and am a bit confused on how to fit them as it looks like i will have to cut my old cans off and these slip over and have what looks like a built inn Jubilee clip that tightens onto the old pipes with...
  2. Replaced the interior in my 96 Grand Cherokee

    Open Forum
    A while back I scored a Grand Cherokee ZJ 96 model with no title (300.00). I check on the title to see if I could clear it because it was in such good shape I did not want to part. The DMV showed a previous lien which was likely cleared but not officially so back to my original plan as the...
  3. long beach grand prix photos

    my old friend christy is the graphic designer for the lb grand prix. its the largest street race in the states. she makes all the ticket designs, brochures, programs, banners and the like. always kicks down tickets to her friends. some random shots from the last week... :banana TL at the...
  4. Accomodation at PI Grand Prix

    Aussie Forum
    Have a couple of spots left in a house at PI for the grand prix if anyone interested. its $125 for the weekend, which is pretty cheap!. So dont camp and get a wet bum!!! pm if interested, thanks
  5. Silverstone Grand Prix

    Managed to blag myself a free invite to Copse Hospitality VIP access at yesterdays British Grand Prix :devious was sat on a table next to Tiff Needell and Jackie Stewart.. nice cooked breakfast then champers on tap and lobster and fillet steak for lunch... best bit was had great view of the...