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  1. Fail captured on Google Maps

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    :lol Link to Google
  2. Let me Google that for you.

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    friend of a friend's site. -:banana
  3. Google SketchUp

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    Check this out, the guys over at turned me on to this, its a free 3-D modeling software, works very nicely as well :hail In reference to this thread: I went from this simple MS Paint drawing of...
  4. Use Google Chrome and watch SBK live?

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    Had a mail from a buddy saying Chrome lets him get around the region lock-outs and he can watch the racing live on ... anyone else confirm? How about the BBC coverage that only the poms can get?
  5. Google Chrome?

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    Anyone using it? I just downloaded it this afternoon. Not sure yet whether I'll give up FF3 for it, but it is a pretty slick browser. I think my favorite thing about it is that it got rid of the big bulky bar across the top that seems present on all the skins of FF I've seen as well as IE. I'm...
  6. Google maps annoys me

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    How can I get google to NOT translate city names into Japanese when I google Japan? When I'm filling out shipping form, I usually use googlemaps to search for the closest airport for the given delivery address, but googlemaps insists on translating the page into Japanese, and I don't know how...
  7. Google maps Street view

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    Tried the new street view in Google maps? (Maybe it's not new everywhere). Amazing. Here's my work place...
  8. how did google know?

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    :spit -:banana