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  1. 6 pot Gold Tokico Calipers from zx9r same as busa

    Looking to Sell
    Looking to sell these gold six pots as I'm changing the front end to radial. These aren't crap like the standard black 6 pots, they have four 26.9mm large pistons and two 23.9mm small alloy pistons with a non stick coating. They aren't prone to seizing up like the originals. Serviced and...
  2. 4 Sale Busa Gold forks

    Aussie Forum
    Fully raceteched Busa gold forks, with gold valves fully loaded ready to drop straight into your TLR or TLS. $700 AUD + shipping (+fees if paying via paypal) I paid above $600USD to get the forks fully worked and that didn't include the cost of the actual forks. Thanks Hoss
  3. 6 bolt gold pressure plate for sale NEW

    Looking to Sell
    I have a new gold 6 bolt pressure plate ,never used .for sale $100.00 shipped in USA - .plus shipping outside USA.
  4. FS gold busa forks,fender&gold valve covers

    Looking to Sell
    I have a set of 03 busa forks for sale .Some small marks on upper cases ,also have an extra case . forks are straight with no leaks $100.00 plus shipping. had them on my TLS for five months they work great . I have GSXR forks now .Next item is a aftermarket fiberglass front fender .Great looks...
  5. Gold tokico six-pot calipers TLS/TLR

    Looking to Sell
    Gold tokico six-pot calipers TLS/TLR $75 Shipped in the continental US, I will ship outside the US but buyer pays actual shipping cost. PayPal is preferred. Add 4% for PayPal fees if it apply's. Good condition, I can take more pictures at your request.
  6. TLR Gold Blade Shorty Pazzo Levers

    Looking to Sell
    Excellent Condition, not the cheap copies £80 + Postage
  7. radiator fan ( gold plated??)

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    My radiator cooling fan on my TLS started to knock against its housing, making a hell of a racket - when I took it off ( a knuckle grazing, expletive ridden exercise !) I found the bearings were worn, and the fan was oscillating elliptically - a 2nd hand one was sourced from a bike wreckers in...
  8. Help: Gold Valve shim stack

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Now that it's all taken apart, I'd like to re-assemble my fork cartridge compression valves with the Gold Valves. Unfortunately, it seems I used my access code to get the Race Tech tuning data sheet years ago, and now it won't let me access it again when I really need it! I'm sure they will...
  9. Gold Coast A1GP track pics

    Bike Pictures
    While the track was still open to traffic, i took a ride around and did a couple of pics.... All we need now is someone to find the A1GP cars!!!!!!!!! :banghead
  10. Gold busa calipers on egay Aus

    eBay Auctions Forum Incase anyone after a set :O
  11. New Gold Subscription

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Just subscribed as a Gold member :banana !!! That's good news for you guys too - I'll be doing some Fall cleaning and selling off some stuff soon. Not parting out a bike or anything, just getting rid of some stuff for some room.
  12. Gold GSXR 04/05 750 calipers sale

    Aussie Forum
    $55 + postage Some marks but in reasonable condition otherwise. Pads 50% worn. Not suitable for 220 mm rotors!
  13. Gold busa forks for sale.

    Looking to Sell
    This is the 2nd set of busa forks that I have. The first set is sold. I need room in the garage!! I bought these to bling up my busa and never got around to doing it. I bought them as perfect condition but as you can see in the pics it looks like at least one seal is leaking. I am only asking...
  14. GOLD Busa Forks

    Looking to Sell
    I am selling my Gold Busa forks that I bought from speedking. These forks has the following work done to them Full Racetech workup with new bushings, seals, wipers, RT springs, Gold Valves, shims, fluid, polishing the stanction tubes, spacers, and Racetech rider profiling. they have .95kg...
  15. Gold retainers with black bolts

    Looking to Sell
    Vandriver/Vansuki gold retainers with black bolts. The retainers are lightly used showing normal signs of use on the back from rubbing up against the springs and on the sides from rubbing up against the clutch basket. Nothing you can see when they are mounted up. The black bolts are mint...
  16. BLUE Vandriver clutch retainers, Trade for a gold or black set ?

    Want to Buy
    Looking to do a trade for a set of Vandriver's clutch retainers. I want a set of BLUE ones. I already have two sets, one gold and one black, if someone wants to do a little trade for their blue set. :devious The black ones I have are mint (brand new from Van), and the gold ones can be seen here:
  17. Vandriver Gold Ring for CCC and Gold Retainers with Black Bolts

    Looking to Sell
    Gold ring for Vandriver's CCC. It is mint and has never be used. I just removed it from a new CCC so I could mount up a different ring with a built in slider. This would be handy if you wanted to change up the color of your ring. $35 USD (shipping within North America included) Also have a...
  18. gold stamped helmets for hillclimbing

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Im clued up on the regs for shark fins and lockwired sump plugs etc:) But just read an old thread on ACU gold stamped lids. I have two helmets... An Arai quantam doohan rep and an Arai condor. I peeled the ACU gold sticker off the doohan rep a bit back now as it was stuck over the graphics on...
  19. Gold Busa forks for sale

    Looking to Sell
    I have a pair of gold busa forks that I bought with a parts lot. I won't use them so they are up for grabs. $275 + shipping/paypal fees. Lots of other parts available too. Click on my signature line for a list and some pics. :)
  20. We struck GOLD GOLD GOLD

    Bike Pictures
    24k. Ready to put together. Wait till you see the brake setup:devious 2 piece wheels. Left and right side bolt together in the middle. 18x14 rim each side is 18x7.