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    Here is a link...Talked to Ruben(new owner) and sounds like he is a victim of the crappy economy so he needs to sell:( Maybe someone on here can give her a new home!
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  3. The Video Store
  4. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Well, I had to lay the big girl down this afternoon. Could have been much worse. Five of us were riding a nice twisty FM road about as far north as you can go in Texas without getting sucked into the Red River. I was riding in the second position when me and my buddy who was leading passed a...
  5. Open Forum
    Well maybe it is about time I posted some pics of my and Lindas babygirl :) Time flies when the family gets a new member as alot of you guys and girls allready know. So here she is and thanks for the headsup OldTLSDoug :thumbup First she wants to say welcome :laugh Sometimes she is into metal...
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    So after a long time searching, shes finally found a bike that fits her. its an 86 VF500F Interceptor, has around 20k on the clock, and with alot of love, could be a nice bike. Picked it up thurs. on lunch- paid around a thousand for it- set her off behind the condo and let her ride about the...
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    Gotta get her started young. We had to borrow brother's 50 since the TL is in modding season. I will need to find her some gear soon. Kate turned 6 months old on the 13th.
  8. Aussie Forum
    This prick doesn't need to go on any list, he should be thrown from the Bridge and if he survives, thrown off it again. Must be sick in the head, doesn't matter, the prick should die.
  9. Open Forum
    chek her out !! a friend of mine has ridden with her up at ragdump(i've ridden up there as well,some of the best decomposed granite single track you'll find anywhere!)he can verify that shes rips !!
  10. Open Forum
    Interesting story here -
  11. Aussie Forum
    The old girl was 1st registered 10 years ago today! You should know it is it's birthday, you would have got the bill already :laugh Rub a bug off it for me. :)
  12. The Video Store
    Nice girl, nice bike, nice video too bad, its ending is not as good :banghead
  13. Open Forum
    heart in mouth I am now shutting down my main computer and transfering the data to a new ( well almost new) one with a new clean install of Xp Pro. Fingers crossed I'll be back up in a couple of hours.:devious