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  1. Shorter gearing questions (Z50) and stunt bars (ala variobar)

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hello! Got my 4th TLS about a months ago, still haven't used it as the insurance guy is having troubles... well, sad story. Anyway, I always found the stock gearing to be too long for my taste. I don't need a 250km/h top speed, I'd definitely prefer to have a more responsive bike. I'm...
  2. TLR Gearing

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    hi, new guy here. i've got an 02 tiller that I just picked up. this makes my 3rd tiller in the last 10 years so - i'm a fan. :devious my neighbor is parting out an 01 so i finally got everything i needed to get mine back on the road i dropped it and broke quite a few things. all due to a...
  3. Revs, Gearing, and Speed

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hi All, I'm after some information from you all. Can you provide me with your bike model, sprocket tooth counts front and rear, and your speed @ 3500 rpm in 6th gear, and if you are running a corrected speedo or not? example TLR - 17/38 - 60mph - uncorrected Ta.
  4. Question About Gearing

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    If I geared my tl 16 in front and 40 in the back, how much would that throw my speed odiometer off?
  5. Sprocket Gearing Madness

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    This quarkstion pertains to the TL-R: Okay folks, I've seen some folks say they're running a 16 toof sprocket on the front, and even a person or two claiming to be using a 15. Others say you will dig into the swing arm guard with anything smaller than a 17 toof. I don't mind digging into the...
  6. Gearing thoughts

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Well, from the trip home, I know the old girl is geared way too high. Between my hefty butt, the tank bag and tail bag, with stock gearing, the best high speed run I could manage was an indicated 165 MPH. The GPS unit I was using was showing something like 152 MPH. It's kind of hard watching for...
  7. Gearing Options

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    So, time for new chain and sprockets ...... and choices, choices, what to do :confused I'm currently running +1/-1 (16/39) on my S and I'm debating whether to go this route again, or just get the difference at the rear sprocket :O When I fitted the 16t front I noticed an increase in chain...
  8. Track Gearing - Tires

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hey guys - Hoping to get to the track this summer and had a couple questions regarding set up. I've got an 02 TLR - Just happen to have an extra set of wheels laying around so I figured I'd set them up with some track tires, Just wondered what you guys would recommend running. I'm not...
  9. Gearing question

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I have been riding around the last 2 weeks only using 5th gear as a top gear to see how the higher rpm's would be for highway cruising, and how it would affect fuel mileage, and it seems fine. I am wondering what that would be equivalent to with switching sprockets and using 6th. I realize that...