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  1. Narrow drive with downhill garage - any cheap bike swivel devices out there? (UK)

    Open Forum
    Hey yo! :) I'm lucky enough to have a detached garage with the minor issue that from the road, the drive first slopes up and then steeply goes down to a garage (where I'm intending to keep the moped). The house is shared by a friend so I can't just leave the bike occupying the drive, cos that's...
  2. Reputable Garage

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    I'm after a valve service on the TL. I just don't have the time nor the inclination to do it. Does anyone know of a reputable garage that'll do the work near Lincoln? I only know of RWH (in Lincoln) and the Suzuki dealer.
  3. This should look good in the garage

    eBay Auctions Forum
    Wot you boys think item number 290382289287 :devious
  4. Garage Door Insulation

    Open Forum
    Has anyone out there used any of the garage door insulation kits that are on the weber-net? I'm looking to do it to my garage door soon, as the sun beats on it all day and heats up the garage quite a bit. Anyone have any experience with the kits or have you done it a different way?
  5. Spent some time in the garage tonight

    Bike Pictures
    I know it's not a TL, but it's all I've got left these days. Getting ready to get back to the track hopefully in the spring. The shock is a triple adjustable Elka. I've had Ohlins and worked on bikes with Penske's, but this is my first experience with Elka. Good a decent deal on it, so...
  6. Garage clean out sale!!!

    Looking to Sell
    Make me an offer I cant refuse...prices dont include shipping...all pictures available! I just took them today! TL1000R 98 EVERYTHING MUST GO!!! Thermostat housing $20 Fan (little bashed but works) $40 Cush drive W/ housing $40...
  7. Garage floor epoxy

    Open Forum
    I had to sell my Aprilia to pay to fix my damn garage. Part of the fix is a shiny new floor. Thinking about doing one of those jazy epoxy kits. Anyone have any advice, brands etc?
  8. Coolest thing I've ever found on the garage floor

    Open Forum
    Finally cleaned the garage yesterday and I found this pin on the floor. On the top it says bike less. I thought it was super cool and figured it had something to do with motorcycles. I googled team wonder bike, and it's actually a bicycle club in belgium..from what I gather...
  9. best flooring for my garage

    Open Forum
    I am looking to upgrade the flooring in my oversized 2 car garage, does anyone have input on what they prefer or have in their garage that will help me make the choice? I would spend about $1000 maximum. I have looked at garage tiles (plastic and rubber), roll out flooring, epoxy paint. What...
  10. Garage Sale... TLS odds and ends.

    Looking to Sell
    Clearing out a bunch of parts that I have no use for and putting any $$ towards a hugger. Not sure if anybody could use any of this stuff, but hey, it's cheap! All prices are + shipping. Stock bar ends (no bolts,couple of scratches) $10 LP bar ends (blue and for hollow bars,won't fit S,new) $10...
  11. Back in the garage

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    :O Hi guys again, the TL is back in the garage tomorrow to have a look why it won't fire up. I have changed the plugs and nothing, checked the spark from the leads it is there but fairly weak. I trimmed the leads back so more of the core was in contact with the plug cap. Any ideas what else...
  12. uk garage clear out

    Looking to Sell
    hi guys, i've had a sort out after selling the tls - i've forgotten to add a std TLS and TLR exhaust and std TLS front calipers. cheers simon
  13. robert carter garage art

    Open Forum
    this iv'e posed on the planet,not here i dont think,this guy(a close friend) is a sign painter from london,living in my hometown of chico,ca,that i ,through sheer luck, was able to get him connected and now his work is commanding good money, shown (and sold)in bonhams auctions,and now at the...
  14. Had a slow tip-over in the garage yesterday afternoon

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Got home and backed the bike in the garage (still on the bike) leaned to the right a little as I normally do to get the left foot up and put the kick-stand down. Flipped it down, or thought I did and when I went to lean it on the stand, it wasn't there.... It was slow motion and I realized the...
  15. Need a Long Haul TLR Companion For The Garage

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    TLR - best bike I have ever owned. I commute on it every day I can and play every day I can. I need a good long distance machine with the same character as the TLR. It must be a V-Twin. I would like a sporty looking machine. I'm sure there must be someone out there with the same dilema -...
  16. TLR parts cleanning the garage

    Looking to Sell
    Hello Here goes my first sale on .. the parts i have are : Stock Mirrors , no damage perfect condition KN filter with base plate Rear sets they are like new complete walter moto clip ons 53mm blue stock back light and fender 1 fiber glass end tail solo seat master clucht working...
  17. Your virtual garage

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    If money was no object and you had to choose any 10 bikes for your virtual garage what would you have. 1st. My TLR of course:pirate 2nd. Ducati desmocedici:banana 3rd. GIXXER 1000:burnout 4th. MV F4 1000:fooku 5th. CBR 900 Fireblade 1992 modle:nana 6th. Barry Sheene's RG500:thumbup 7th. Steve...