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  1. **FEELER**Carbon fibre front TLR fenders

    Group Buys
    I have been talking to an American living in China running an ebay company, he has agreed to a group deal. This is the extract of the email I received. The front fenders are full carbon fiber. They are a bit thinner and lighter than most other carbon fiber fenders. They are inexpensive in...
  2. Front Caliper Pistons

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    If anyone is servicing their 6 pot tokico calipers (amazed how stuck my ones were!) and shags in a piston getting them out, give me a shout and i will drop a spare one in the post to you as i am expecting a replacement set of calipers any day so don't need them. Gets expensive replacing the...
  3. Tlr front and rear seats

    Looking to Sell
    Both seat have been recovered in dark grey alcantara 80 quid + p+p paypal charges
  4. Chrome front brake reservoir cap (TLS)

    Looking to Sell
    I'm buying DropKickChip's blue Vandriver front reservoir so I won't be needing this part anymore. It's a chrome brake fluid cap for the front OEM reservoir on the TLS (and TLR if the front resi is the same) CAP only... I'm keeping the OEM reservior, lines, etc... in case I want/need to revert...
  5. Black TLR front wheel

    Looking to Sell
    $110 + shipping for this perfectly straight & true TLR front wheel. No dents or dings. Bearings included. Intermittent scuffing on outside edge from tire removal. No tire or rotors included. PM or reply here with questions or offers. Thanks for looking.
  6. Front Wheel / Disc compatability

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hello all, After a closer inspection on my bike after my dear (and slightly blind it would appear) mother reversed into my bike, I have a slightly buckled front wheel and somehow she shafted the discs as well. Anyone know if the wheel and discs are the same as other suzuki's? SRAD for example...
  7. Vandriver front billet brake reservoir

    Looking to Sell
    Looking to trade or possibly sell. I would prefer to trade.... New Blue front brake reservoir. If someone has a black one they would like to trade for I will pay shipping both ways.
  8. Feeler: GSXR Front End

    Looking to Sell
    Hey guys, I'm putting out a feeler. I have the front end from a GSXR 600 on my bike, it think it's a 2005 front end. Gold forks with the readial calipers. Looking to potentially sell the entire set which includes: Forks, they were re-valved and re-sprung, and then pretty much one track day...
  9. Front & Rear Disc Diameter

    Help Forum
    Dimensions at hand for front & rear rotors anyone? Rotor Thickness: ? mm :confused Bolt Center: ? mm :confused Bolt Diameter: ? mm :confused Thanks in advance :hail
  10. BOTH front header bolts sheared off!

    Help Forum
    Hey all... I was removing my OEM headers for chroming tonight and BOTH of my front header bolts freaking broke off. :banghead Why they used such small damn bolts I'll never know. This bike only has 7000 miles on it too... and it was always garage kept, so I don't know what is making them so...
  11. Carbon front fender,S.

    Looking to Sell
    Ive got a Carbon front fender for an S that deserves to be on a bike rather than in the shed,its not perfect but best described as in good condition,no cracks etc.has holes for mounting bolts and brake line carriers.$100 plus post.
  12. change front sprocket tl1000r

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    i have just bought a 16 tooth front sprocket for my tl1000r and am asking if anyone could give me a step by step instructions on how to change it, because i want to get it right the first time. do i need to drain and remove the water pump i looks like i might have. i would be very grateful of...
  13. TLS Front Fender

    Want to Buy
    Just like the title says, I need a front fender for an S. I will be painting it so normal scratches/wear is fine just as long as it has all tabs.
  14. Front rotors vibrating

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hi guys, Something to try for those with the same problem: My ability to stop the big twin was seriously impeded when the front setup started to pulse when I began braking. I thought "Ah crap, bye bye bitubo savings, hello new and non-warped rotors". It started subtly, getting worse over time...
  15. TLR Front Suspension

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Does any one know what is involved with fitting the front forks from a K3/4 GSXR 1000 to the TLR? Will they fit in the TLR clamps? Do you have to use GSXR brake system ( calipers, rotors)? Can it be done in my garage or is best to be done by a pro? I'm not a certified mechanic, but my...
  16. Ducati front fender

    Looking to Sell
    I thought I had this one sold, but it didn't work out. It mounts directly to the TL forks with no mods. You only use one of the mounting holes, but I've never had an issue with the one on my bike moving around. It has one small chip in it, but is barely noticable. It has been repainted and...
  17. front suspension

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I have a 97 TLS that i have just started to race,any ideas whats best for the front end as i find my one seems very spongy and i do not feel very confident pushing the front end.Also what is best for the track 180 or 190 rear tire? cheers
  18. Front tire: Keep or change

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    i would still ride it, but then i'm a cheapo :) 4yrs isn't that long. as long as i don't see any degrading rubber (small cracks etc..), i would ride it. I would take her up to speed, and do more or less do a panic-stop, to test the rubber for grip, and if that's OK, i would ride it...
  19. TLR/TLS front indicators ... the same?

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Are they? Cheers
  20. What would be a Good tooth count Front and Rear ?

    Performance Enhancement
    I m looking to upgrade my sprockets and chain . I plan on staying at the 530 , but would like some input from everyone on what would be a good tooth count front and rear for everyday street bike . I love my TLR I dont get to the top speed often but i do live for getting up to 140s . But what...