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  1. New Member, have a friends TL BASKET CASE in my shop!

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Greating to all TLZone members. I joined the site this morning using my cell phone and finally got on the lap top at the house to post. I joined to use the site ass reference to help me out on my friends TL1000R basket case. it's an 01 and and is pretty damn thrashed. When I offered to patch it...
  2. Wish I had friends to hold. About my mom.

    Open Forum
    My mom has Leukemia and it's spread to her bone borrow. The only treatment is chemo, unfortunately, she's not strong enough to even start treatment. Basically, at this point all we can do is wait until her body shuts down. We knew nothing about any of this until Friday night when we took...
  3. My friends new ride.....what do u think

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hay guys just thought id post up some pics of my mates TLR he just got it back after 9months of work its got custom yellow paint (its pearl which turns sorta green but i couldnt get it in the pics i took) 6in extention and its also been lowered front and rear end what do u all...
  4. Got to ride my friends fireblade

    Open Forum
    I work with a guy who has an 06 cbr 1000rr. Called him up because he has been dying to ride my bike. We traded up. Wow, what a difference from the TLR. The gear box seems so sloppy, but its not like i used the whole gear box anyway. It was so light, compared to the TLR. And damn it went...