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  1. No Friday Farcus?

    Open Forum
    I'm disappointed. I know that I may not own a Tiller or Tillis anymore (although I hope to in the future) but I would hope the farcus would continue. I've gone to the dark side (08 Yamaha R1) but still miss the thump of the twin. Someone needs to be drunk with me. I've killed most of a bottle of...
  2. FRIDAY THE 13TH IN PORT DOVER, any one going

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    It is supposed to be 14 degrees C and sunny on Friday, looks like a good day to scratch from work and take a ride to Dover,:devious. We used to always go to Dover back 20 years ago when sport bikes were frowned on being there:O, wheelie through town, burnouts and then get out of Dodge before the...
  3. brissie meet at the stones this friday

    Aussie Forum
    the ring-ins back and hes hungry and thirsty and missing his mates :puke :laugh so lets link up on firday at 7.30 and swap lies 1 the ring-in 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  4. friday night wotisit.

    Open Forum
    well its quiet here on the zone and I'm bored enough to host another what is it. stay tuned theres a pic coming soon. and if sam wins again I'll ban him from any future involvement!! Just kidding.
  5. Pics from Friday

    Bike Pictures
    Just a few recent pics since I haven't posted any in quite some time... They are kind of crappy phone pics, but I went out for a ride not a photo shoot. :D I think about the only newish things are the Busa forks and Coerce carbon fender that sat in my garage waiting to be installed for...
  6. Friday funny

    UK Forum (Including Scotland) :laugh
  7. Friday night in denver

    Bike Pictures
    Lots of bikes and imports. It was by far a better crowd than what we see up north