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    help pls on my TL1000s 1999 the rear spark plug always fouls, and when i check it, its wet from gas. i changed it twice already and it still happens after a week,, im from the tropical climate Philippines and not so many TL users here,,, .
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    I jujst had to get towede home by my dad because my bike died, then started but when it started it was misfiring and i only got to go a few more blocks before she died, i had a PowerCcommander2 hooked up to my bike and it was running too rich and fouled my plugs. so i installed new plugs and...
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    I loaded up the recommended map in my PCIII for my 97 TLS and it seems to have actually fouled the plugs faster than it did before. I rode it 2 times kinda medium intensity and they are fouled as shit. I was running cr8ek before and I just put cr8EIX Iridum plugs in for this try and was...
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    Hey all... new here cause I just bought a tl1000r. Its a 2000, with 19000 miles... It is in kind of rough shape body wise, but it was fine other than that. I got it for 1500 dollars, so I figured it was a pretty good deal...When I went to see it, the guy hadn't started it in awhile, and it was...