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    This is probably straight forward. I've had my TL for 4 months and didn't have any issues with flat tires. A few weeks ago my I had a flat. I got the tire replaced and yesterday I noticed the tire was flat again. I filled the tire back up with air and heard it hissing from between where the...
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    Sorry if this is a repost but has any one seen this scary mother...:coocoo
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    Kinda cool, love those wheels. Link
  4. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    hey all, been away for the last couple of weeks. got back late last night dying to ride the TL...and the battery was flat, no real surprise there. got a charger on it and got it going and it is idling at 3k. i did use choke to try and start first time, i'm assuming its just stuck. got a day off...
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    Hey guys it me yet again. I think this bike hates me. I jsut got a new fron tire put on 2 day ago as you all know. Well when I got it back from the shop the front brakes are not working right. Well to make things worse today I went outside to look at my baby guess what the back tire was flat. I...
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    Got new billet triple clamps and fitted the flat bars - so much more comfortable.
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    anybody had the same problem,this is a 97 tls with pc11 tre all of a sudden i seemed to av developed a flatspot low to midrange this was set up on dyno last year and was perfect ,is it possible its gone out of tune any input would b good cheers
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    Rained out tonight and announcer said free admission and free parking. If your near Columbus, Ohio, Gates open @ 11:00am and racing resumes @ 1:00pm. Beulah Park Jockey Club, Grove City,Ohio (sw Cols.) $50,000 Beulah Mile AMA Flat Track Race FREE!!!
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    The racing for this evening was rained out and the track announcer said that there would be FREE admission and FREE parking for the racing tomorrow. They only got in three of the GNC transfer heats. Should be 1 more transfer heat. 1 Pro Expert Twins heat race and semi-heats for final transfers...