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  1. That's BS, troops bus money failed through WTF

    Open Forum
    Good grief, America, can lend out millions in tarp money to crooked banks for political gain, Yet.. the bus money for our troops to go home for just 4K failed through. My GOD, American government can't come up with 4K. :bs I just saw the news cast on CNN. I'm sure they will get the funds...
  2. surging/bogging - Failed TRE ?

    Help Forum
    Hey guys I have been trying to get my 98TLR back to running condition. It has been surging and bogging down. I checked for vaccum leaks, TPS and remaped the ECU using a makbox. I had made a TRE using SteveTLS's design a while back. Now i am wondering if a failure in the TRE could cause the...