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  1. Gauge face dimensions TLS vs. TLR

    Help Forum
    I was going to buy these: To make my recent gauge mod even cooler looking... but they only list them for the TLR. I can see in the pic there is a tiny difference at the top (the...
  2. Full face helmut?

    Open Forum
    Hi guys. The other day I crashed my bicycle on the way to work. I was wearing a helmut but it didn't do too much. A bee flew in it and stung me, in the process of trying to get the bee out I let go of my handlebars. My lunch was tied to the bars and caused my wheel to turn and I went down...
  3. BNIB HJC CL-14 Full Face Helmet

    Looking to Sell
    One of two I got as part of a sponsorship package £50 each + £8 postage in UK as I'm sick of moving them around :banghead Brand New Still in Box, Never Worn Size Large (59/60cm) Fuse Blue
  4. She is falling on her face

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    So I moved up here to Colorado. Land of high altitude and no air. Currently, when I am under 50% throttle in all gears it runs okay. This is for all rpm levels. Once I go over 50%, the bike falls on its face and stumbles like it is running out of gas. She has 13K miles. Plugs are a year or so...
  5. face plate question?

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    hey guys, just changed the face plates on my speedo and tach, now when i start it up it idles at 4grand and shows a dead 35 mph on the faces, do i need to turn the needles a certain direction to get them to show correctly?