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  1. Any Tile Flooring Experts Here??

    Open Forum
    My wife and I bought a house (repo) and would like to make some changes prior to moving in. The first order of buisness is getting rid of the linoleum in the kitchen, bath and dining areas. The contractor is telling me that he would like to lay the tile directly over the linoleum. Personally...

    Open Forum
    I have a powerpoint presentation files that I want to burn to dvd. PPT2DVD does what I want but it adds it's logo on each slide. I want to pop the dvd in most recorders and it works so non computer users can watch the slide show. Name some free programs without a bunch of watermarks that...
  3. Any Ducati experts around here ???

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Ducati 1098 Throttle Body/Airbox conversion Just an idea. Assuming I make up some boots to match and physically fit the complete assembly in there, modify linkages etc etc Does anyone know if they are all the same units between models ? I'm trawling ebay and they all list them as...
  4. Music theme experts Help...

    Open Forum
    Anyone know the name of this soundtrack as used in Family Guy when Peter's breakfast machine shoots him?
  5. Lathe Mill Drill experts in here.

    Open Forum
    I don't know the first thing about lathes and milling, so it seemed appropriate to snag an all in one unit up when it came across my desk cheap.:confused Monday, I pick up my Smithy CB 1220 XL It's not the perfect machine, but it will...