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engine died

  1. TL 1000S Engine dies when is hot

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hello All, I'm new on this forum so I great all. At the beginning sorry for english( I'm polish guy). I bought Suzuki TL 1000S(97') 63000km ,and I have a problem. Engine worked only few second end stall(I felt gasoline) so I called to my mechanic and he was adjusted TPS and other sensors ...
  2. New Engine TLR

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Hi everyone, I'm TL1000R owner and few month ago I killed engine in suzi. :banghead:banghead The problem of course is spun bearing on crankshaft. I was stupid and did too many long wheelies. :coocoo I could sey easy to lift hard to keep becouse of oil lubrication. Now I'm looking for new...
  3. TLR engine turned off out of nowhere

    Help Forum
    i've got an 01 TLR and I was cruising down the freeway at about 75mph when the engine just quit running, no sputters or anything it just instantly stopped. i coasted to the shoulder and started the bike, but as soon as i gave it gas the bike died. Bike has plenty of gas, has a flashing oil light...