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  1. UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Went to Elvington yesterday to watch some nutters doing very fast wheelies, and some top speed runs by some very quick Busa's, saw a couple of TLR's there one X regd Blue and white with Yoshi cans may even have been a full system didn't go up too close then there was a blue and white 98 just...
  2. UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Went to Elvington on June 6th ready to defend my course record, which I took off MarkR1 last year:) Arrived with wets in, to be faced with a dry track, quick change of wheels & we're on the K0 compound racetecs. 1st practice over & it starts raining:banghead back in with the wets, 2nd practice...
  3. UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Decided at last minute to enter the last sprint of the year with the Auto 66 Club at Elvington near York, as I've not done it for 2 years, last time was on the TL as a road bike. Turned up Sat morning with fog hanging over the circuit, but it soon lifted to leave a warm sunny morning Sighting...
1-3 of 3 Results