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  1. Interesting things with the economy - where's BP and Duken?

    Open Forum
    So...I know squat about the economy and investing, but a curious thing has happened recently. Our company was hit somewhat by the recession, but nowhere near as bad as others. While some of our customers fell out to economic problems and others had to downsize their solutions, we managed to...
  2. Cows and the Economy

    Open Forum
    (don't know if this is a repost or not...) After the recent teetering-on-the-edge-of-total-economic-and- financial-meltdown couple of weeks it seems economic systems and their workings have pushed their way into the need-to-know-category. Well, we can now simplify this all by explaining 21...
  3. Economy headed for a fall - The endgame

    Open Forum
    Last September, I wrote this and pulled 50% of my 401K out of stocks and loaded it into cash. Tomorrow I am actively beginning the buy back in process on selected funds. Prices are back to 1998 levels on a few so I am...
  4. Big fat airbox = more mpg?

    Performance Enhancement
    Just a follow-up. Last month I was whining about the 38 mpg I was getting from my TL1000S. And that was ABSOLUTELY the best I could get from it without making it run poorly, poodling down the highway with a limp wrist on the gas. Since then I changed the airbox, made it a lot bigger with...