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  1. UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    do gixxer though K9 wheels fit a tl,if so there is a chap on the beamer site i use that worked for Dymag,who you may know no longer exist(they stopped trading last friday)he has a new set for sale,not cheap but a lot cheaper if you bought them earlier.(havent got a price yet until i know they...
  2. UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Hi all, this year I was lucky enough to get a set of carbon dymags for my gsxr k4:) I had never spent as much on my bike and they where second hand!, I loved them:laugh Now the bad part, I have recently moved house and am 99% sure I have thrown the sproket/cush drive out with a load of old bits...
  3. Help Forum
    Does anyone out there with Dymag wheels know of any other sprocket maker in the US that make rear sprockets for Dymag wheels other then Talon,reason is I need a rear sprocket for my bike but really don`t want to wait 2 weeks for the sprocket to come from the UK,can anyone help me :banghead
  4. Want to Buy
    Looking for some nice condition aftermarket rims. Prefer names above. Would love some carbon fiber dymags, gold carro's, or black march's. Willing to TRADE A TLR and/or pay cash. Plus I have a stock set of powdercoated black rims in mint condition that I can throw to exchange your wheels.
1-4 of 4 Results