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  1. dutch to english translation help

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    I think this message is simply that they've received my inquiry, and that they will look into my parcel's whereabouts after the weekend. Geachte heer/mevrouw, Hartelijk dank voor uw bericht aan TNT Post. Wij streven ernaar om u binnen 2 werkdagen een reactie te geven. Indien uw vraag verder...
  2. Caliing all Dutch and Belgians

    Continental European Forum
    Hey guys (& girls), I'm a kiwi who recently moved to this lovely wet, flat called Holland cause I finally found a chick that'll put up with my shit. I've now got me a bike, but I have no idea of any decent roads to ride, nor any mates to ride with. :O So please! If you're going for a blat and...
  3. Tlr must see eroctica....Cool Dutch shxt

    The Video Store
    I'm sure this must have been posted before but why have the Dutch done it first Yanks....stand up and be counted ;)