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  1. Gearbox problem. Downshifting impossible

    Motor Tear Down and Rebuild
    Hi all My race TLS doesn't shift down any more. When I wanted to shift back from 4th to 3rd, the lever didn't move. I ended up with the transmission blocked in 6th gear. Note the bike still runs, but I can't change gear any more. I inspected the shifter mechanism and everything seems normal...
  2. Strange downshifting, has this happened to you?

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Lately I've been on the highway a lot more often. After riding around in 6th for a while and then getting on an exit ramp, I'll try to downshift and the gear shift lever won't budge--feels like it is already in 1st. It does this while moving and while stopped. After fiddling a bit I can get...