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  1. Im Done.

    Bike Pictures
    Well, seems like Im done with modding the TL. Yeah, well, almost, I still need to repaint the tank, which actually is metallic black, but the shitty mobilephone camera doesnt show it. And, Im up for a benchrun next week to dial in the new PCIII perfectly. But other than that, I think Im pretty...
  2. SV chin spoiler all done.

    Bike Pictures
    Yea i know Kami you dont like em on the S:laugh To be honest when i put it on i wasnt sure if i liked it myself but it has grown on me,may well look better if painted the same colour as bike:O
  3. Outside Fuel Filter System MOD done.

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I was having a problem trying to start my bike once before. I took out the whole fuel system. Put it back that one time before and the bike started right up. Later down the week I tried to start it to find it would not. SO AGAIN...I take out the whole system to check it out. This time, I do...