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  1. Did some dirt ridin today

    Open Forum
    Alright so I got to borrow a 2004 CR250F for the weekend, so I called a few buddies to go riding with. One with an 08 YZ250F and the other with an 06 KX250F. We left from Bryan's (on the yam) house, and totalled 15 miles or so between lots of tight technical trails full of rocks, roots, rivers...
  2. Dirt tires (Craig, get in here!)

    Chaparral is having a great sale on Maxxis tires. I've currently got their IT's (don't know if they are the desert or standard model) on my 350 and very impressed with how they are holding up. They were used when I got them and I've done about 300 miles of pavement and quite a bit of rocky off...
  3. Dirt track riding pics

    Open Forum
    Yesterday could have been the best track day for me ever, and I didn't even ride. BikePilot agreed to take Blake out for some riding and give him a few ideas on how to get better. By the time we left, Blake had improved a great deal. He had never ridden out of 1st gear and with the promise...
  4. 2 new dirt bikes!!!

    Open Forum
    Well there new to me but they are a 1980 Yamaha DT 175 and a 1981 Yamaha 26 so im stoked that I picked up two dirt bikes older than me that run pretty well, i paid 400 bucks for the two of them....ill post some pics once i get my hands on my neighbors camera.....if anyone has any...
  5. new 2 us Honda 2001 100R dirt bike

    Open Forum
    I know I should not have done it but I did. Now the problem is selling my ATV 300EX to replace the funds I used which I really did not have to begin with. Anyways, It's a little big for Hunter right now who rides the auto pw80, but a much better bike. I think I'm going to sell the PW80. He...
  6. 1st proper dirt bike - 1st whore

    Bike Pictures
    special thanks to bp for spotting this from across the continent and to duke for the smart words... well im a dirt bike owner. price was great. free delivery from SD? :) needs a few things like a fuel petcock and the needle sticks (prolly because thats where the petcock gasket went), a...
  7. Central MA dirt bike/ATV hillclimbs

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Check it out, always a good time. gets bigger every year! Theres monster truck rides up the hill this year! also the can-am 18-wheeler will be there with free spyder demos all day! more info:
  8. wtb dirt bike gear, chest protector, that kind a stuff

    Want to Buy
    hello folks, looking to buy some used db gear, open to suggestions as to what to get too. im 5'10, 155 lbs, got a helmet and boots already, some ok gloves, not looking to make a fashion statement. :) thanks! john
  9. dirt bike time? wr250 w baja kit

    Open Forum
    hey guys, if things go well i expect to be the owner of a plated 02 wr250 by this time tomorrow. price is right (offered $500 below asking and seller accepted), bike is plated and has a baja kit installed. im pretty stoked to finally be aligned to get a real dirt bike that doesnt look like...
  10. dirt bikes on hitch carriers - experiences?

    i recently sold my fold up trailer because it was falling apart and rusting in my driveway. im looking to buy a wr250 shortly but ive been putting off replacing my trailer. anyone have any experience with hitch mounted dirt bike carriers. its would go on my eurocamper which has a 500 lb...
  11. crashing girl , dirt bike

    Open Forum
    chek her out !! a friend of mine has ridden with her up at ragdump(i've ridden up there as well,some of the best decomposed granite single track you'll find anywhere!)he can verify that shes rips !!
  12. Dirt Squirter TLR

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hi all, I'm just back from a little ride up to the top of Australia and back on my TLR, with all the runing around and the long distance have just covered a shade over 7000k's and over 600 of those being dirt roads that resemble a MX track:dowhat I converted the TLR to high bars (Zephyr 750...
  13. More dirt bike practice

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    A couple of vids of Blake practicing of the 50 this morning. He keeps getting better every time out.
  14. Dirt Bike Hill Climb

    Bike Pictures
    Dirt Bike Hill Climb fastback959 write me a PM because he knew where this Dirt Hill Bike taking place: Its the “Great American Championship Motorcycle Hill Climb” in Billing Montana. Every year in august it is the longest running hill to this day, started in the 1940s...