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  1. BF Deals I got. New Laptop

    Open Forum
    This is our first ever laptop. It's a Walmart Emachine that will do everything the wife will need. It's her Laptop anyway. I really wanted t,he HP at Best buy which was a little better for 200.00 but the line was way to long. We ended up doing a one stop shop at wally world and spent way...
  2. Rode deals gap yesterday

    Open Forum
    Somehow i had to go on a company trip that happened to be in Tenn. 100miles from the dragon. Later me and my coworker that are going both have bikes and they are renting a 16ft truck to take some things down. only half the truck was loaded with stuff from work and the other half had my TLR...
  3. Deals Gap V West Coast NZ.

    Open Forum
    Any yanks or anyone else for that matter ridden both?Seen much footage of this Deals Gap and it looks a great piece of road,always wondered how it would compare to our West Coast.Course Deals Gap doesnt have our local beautys grazing along the roadside:laugh but looks a great road all the same.
  4. TLR Rear suspension. Any deals to be had on Ohlins or Penske?

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Had enough of the rotary dampener, and have decided that the solution that works the best for me is either the Ohlins (preferred), or the Penske (2 way budget minded choice). Pros? Cons? Any deals to be had via a member or otherwise?
  5. Deals Gap

    Open Forum
    I saw a red tls at the gap last week, was it anyone from here.
  6. Smokey Mountains / Deals Gap pics

    Bike Pictures
    From my trip last week. 3231 miles in 10 days on a '97 TLS Killboy and Zeefoto pics..... My riding crew. I'm the fourth from the left. If you see this group in your rear view mirror....its already to late lol
  7. Deals Gap / Smokey Mnts Pics

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    EDIT: nevermind. My pics are fubared. Ill get them up later