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    I got my seat hump and miscellaneous plastics from a guy across the bay for $50, got home and threw on the hump to see how it looks. CLICK! the latch caught it before I realized what was going on. My tail section is an aftermarket piece that has not been screwed down or had the keyhole cut...
  2. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    So after finding no airfilter in my bike and it running rough I dumped a can of seafoam and took her for a ride lastnite. I took it easy for awhile and about have way into the trip I stop to fill the tank. Then the second half I figured lets see if theres a difference. The bike runs like a raped...
  3. Photography
    A mammoth chrome plated moose. Yes, it is for sale. I'm sure the HOA would love to see that planted on my front lawn :laugh Beautiful weather here today, in the upper 50's. I am on vacation at the moment too. How convenient :)
  4. Help Forum
    Hi, I'm thinking about doing a Trackday at a English circuit, But one of the rules state that the exhaust's must NOT exceed 102db, My TL1000s has twin Scorpion Race exhausts fitted "Yes they are loud" but not excesive. Doe's anyone know how loud they are? or How do it get them tested without...