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  1. West Coast Region
    Hey fellas looking for anyone with a spare bottom left hand side damper bolt for tls. Figured I would check here before special ordering from stealership.
  2. Looking to Sell
    It a Sprint damper with 14 adjustment settings. In perfect working order. The Ohlins sticker was on when I got it...sorry. The bracket is an OEM one that has been welded together (not brilliantly but it works) to fit the use of Renthal style bars on a TLS. £120 + PayPal and postage
  3. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    A good friend saw this, and I thought I'd share :) Download as a PDF by right clicking and 'saving as' this link: Cheers! :banana
  4. UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Although I’ve been riding a lot of years I’ve never really tampered with the standard settings on my suspension. I have a completely standard suspension set up (as it left the factory, all standard parts, all standard settings (according to owner’s manual)) when I first got the bike it was set...
  5. Aussie Forum
    This is the top of the range from Hyperpro. The Damper sells for over $300USD alone and the mounting kit is $125. Asking $350 AUD + shipping (+fees if paying via paypal) for the lot the damper is in mint condition.
  6. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I have been searching a few days for a Bitubo Carbon Fiber steering damper. I know they do not make these anymore. Only chance I would have is if someone has one in stock from long ago. Got a phone call today from a guy. He does not have the EXACT steering damper in carbon fiber but he does...
  7. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I am close having bike sent out for paint and a couple glaring issues. Bike is being redone into a black/red color scheme. I even powder coated the valve stem caps to work into it :laugh How do i get rid of the shiny silver parts on the damper and shock? Specifically on the piston piece that...
  8. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I have GPR one with raisers for a fatbar that I want to mount but I don't have the part that connects to the frame (where the two fuel tank bolts go). I want to manufacture one and need the meausres..:) I have one like this thanks:)
  9. Want to Buy
    Any got a spare 3 bolt bracket that braces the rotary damper to the top frame cross member ? Will post a pic shortly
  10. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I'm pulling my hair out here ! :banghead I have searched high and low for a low cost modification to keep my stock damper. I have a one off top yoke, renthals, and no cash left and I can't afford a fancy after market damper. I can however afford to make some sort of bracket. One way I have...
  11. Help Forum
    Any one done it or knows how to do it? Apparently I have an air bubble in the one I bought several months ago, makes it kind of notchy in the center. I emailed Hyperpro and they offered to sell me a new one for just E100 ...!
  12. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hey everybody. I hope someone can answer this question. How do you raise the rear damper? I'm tall 6'4 and I could use a little more height. Thanks. :)
  13. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    dose eney one have a / or spear harris screen brace that they would like to sell as i have a harris damper mount but it is incompatable with the stock screen brace because it puts a huge twist in my front plastics. please eney one this is a S.O.S cry for help as harris no longer have the jig to...
  14. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Ok, My TLS steering damper mounting points(bearing and dust seals) seem to be wearing out. Agent in SA says sorry we not have! What know? Tried local bearing shop and the also dont have the size of the bearing used on the triple mounting point. what have you dont to remidy this problem? Do I...
  15. eBay Auctions Forum
    Wish I had the money for this. :banghead
  16. Help Forum
    Has anyone ever taken their standard steeringdamper apart.??? I'm a poor man, and i have a leaking from mine. :banghead I thought of buying one from you guys and have you to take it apart and sending ONLY the seals to put into mine. Because it would be cheaper with p&p, than sending a whole...
  17. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    last summer there was a fatal crash involving a tlr at mission raceway in vancouver british columbia. the crash was caused by a violent tankslapper causing the rider to loose control and hit a concrete barrier at 80 mph. i had a long look at the bike yesterday. it hit the barrier with the rear...
  18. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hi all, I'm swapping out the rear damper on my TLS this week. I bought a barely used one on flea bay. Was going to do a Bitubo conversion, but times are hard and all that. Anyway, one of the old bolts has had the head torqued off it. I'm not sure how I will get it out. A mate reckoned he might...
  19. Looking to Sell
    I have a like new condition sprint steering damper that I purchased from another member that mounts to all original hardware and will bolt right up to your bike... I never even put it on because I came across an ohlins one the day after it got to me.... 150 shipped anywhere in the US
1-19 of 91 Results