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  1. Looking to Sell
    Unfortunately for sale or trade is my 1997 Suzuki TL1000s (TLS) motorcycle with custom paint, tasteful, common modifications and well maintained. I have enjoyed this bike for several years, but it's time to move on to other things. Trying to find something that my kids can enjoy with me. 31xxx...
  2. Bike Pictures
    I decided to repaint my TLS for a new look. I thought it came out quite well.....if I do say so myself!!
  3. Looking to Sell
    I REALLY hate to do this, but some unforeseen / expensive home repairs have reared their ugly head, and I need some $$. 1997 Suzuki TL1000s. The bike has RaceTech fork internals, Dunlop Sportmax tires, Bitubo rear shock, upgraded 6-piston front calipers, EBC brake pads, braided...
  4. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hi everyone, After engine blew up i decided to modify my TLR. I always wanted to do this but never had enought time Now it is good oportunity to make my dream motorcycle. Project include: 1. Engine rebuild 2. Rear wing frame from begin 3. New seat design 4. Accusump 5. Cooling system modifying...
  5. Looking to Sell
    First I want to say, "Thanks", to all the Zone for the information that I found on here, that has helped me get this thing to where it is. I do enjoy riding this bike after I got all of the bugs worked out. 1997 Suzuki TL1000s. The bike has RaceTech fork internals, Dunlop Sportmax...
  6. Bike Pictures
    Well I've got to the end of this project at last ! Bodywork,paint, pipes, finished! Took ages to get all the fibreglass and resin mess off the chassis(from making patterns and moulds) but all came up ok . Looking good just in time for its 18th birthday! Would anyone like one these fairings or...
  7. UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Alright Dudes, So going to change the back end me thinks but the big question is what and where for the exhaust. I want to make the back tyre look fat and not a massive fan of some of the mods where the cans have stayed in the same/close position as they're standard. Does anyone know How...
  8. Suzuki SV650, SV1000, & Others
    Just had my Raptor repainted ! can't get the smile off my face :banana I wanted something different, that also kept the spirit of the "Raptor" This guy would have to be one of the best airbrush artists around. he has matched the design to the shape of the tank...
  9. Group Buys
    hello everyone, so here it is custom TLS top triple clamp, i will use KAD's top triple clamp as a pattern so should look very similar, maybe identical copy. Don't know yet if i could get them anodized :confused price should be around £84 + shiping, and we need at least 10 people to make it...
  10. Bike Pictures
    CrackerX TLS Custom from Romania (crashtd edit: check photos posted below)
  11. Looking to Sell
    i have a pair of like new condition Two Brothers carbon fiber (i beleive M5 series) with the gold ring and bolts. they have the teflon coated slash cut end. i also have the cone screens that can be installed to lessen the sound a little. they are in perfect condition. they are bolt on cans but...
  12. Open Forum
    Gregg's Customs turned out this '09 R1 street tracker thing, complete with 19" wheels and dirt track tires in honor of Kenny Roberts recent redo of his famed TZ750 victory at Indy 34 years ago. Weight is 380 pounds and seeing how it is a Graves exhaust equipped R1, horsepower should be in the...
  13. Bike Pictures
    Hi, this is my first time posting on this forum. I am from Dubai (united arab emirates) and i thought it would be realy great to share with you my bike picture.... well keep you with it thanks
  14. Bike Pictures
    this bike is made by my friend RENE , it were finish in the end of the summer in denmark , and now he has totally new plans for making it even cooler ..:devious
  15. eBay Auctions Forum Not sure how people think they can get this much for a bike that is 8 years old. Yes, it is custom, but for the price...
  16. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I'm sure i've seen custom radiator caps somewhere :confused Anyone know where to get one? (it's for my fighter) :)
  17. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hey all. I have tried search and looked all over the net. I swear i found them once before, but cant for the life of me. Im looking to replace the stock seat with an aftermarket logo seat. Anybody know where i can find seats for a TLR. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. Aussie Forum
    hi im new to the forum but will be in a new workshop in gladstone qld austrailia in the new year
  19. eBay Auctions Forum Not my stuff. Good rating. Custom cans that look okay... but the kicker may be is that the seller didn't list in the...
  20. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I wonder what this bike sounds like (Click on PICTURE Below). Is this a custom job or can you buy this type exhaust, if so where?
1-20 of 62 Results