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    How much should i expect to pay for some work. im looking to make some exhaust hangers. i kind of used some tin to mock up one, but it isnt structuraly sound or functional.
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    Rather than ring/email a bunch of people, anyone know what they cost? Just a ballpark figure will do. I know of a few - TS, Spondon, I know there's a few Euro ones and I think in particular a German one? I'm sure I used to have photos of it but can't find them and can't remember the name...
  3. Open Forum
    What does it typically cost to get a set of carbs cleaned/rebuilt? No silly not for the Tiller....for my GSXR1100....the bike won't run without the choke being on and even then it spits and sputters at low RPM's....once over 288-3000 rpm's it runs good....has fresh gas.....but have never had it...
  4. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Any ideas on how much it would cost to have a shop paint a undertail and a hugger? I looked into Color Rite rattle cans and they want $100 for 1 can each of base, color, and clear coat. :dowhat
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    Spring is here, so I need some new tyres. A quick search around and I decided to try some Pilot Power 2CT. I called Guildford Tyres who certainly seemed to have the right 'presence'. But, they quoted me £270 for the pair of tyres, fitted. I can get the tyres for £187 delivered from...
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    read this :coocoo :fire US Government
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    I'm trying to find out what off brands perform well. Boss, Phoenix Gold, AudioBahn, Phase Linear....etc. Some of these work great, have the same features as name brand stuff for a fraction of the price. I went crazy many years ago with Orion, Kicker, Infinity and probably some others, spent...