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    Anyone have it? If so, please can you pm it to me - thanks :)
  2. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hello I bought an engine from ffaspector/beau 1 month ago i ask him to send it to Kent Trenneman in florida so Kent could send it to me in sweden now when i tlked to Kent last time he didnt know if the crate had arrived to him!!?? So I tried to contact Beau/ffaspector but no answer!!:O So please...
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    Is there really a difference in quality of contact solutions? I've been using the cheap walmart stuff for years now. Anyone know?:coocoo
  4. Open Forum
    posting here, hopefully he will see it, if anyone knows him, tell him to contact me. Kevin, I have your order, just don't know what bike it's for, please contact me if you see this.
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    He bought my engine, paid and everything. I have his address, but need his name, phone # and email for the shipping company so I can ship it out to him. He hasnt been on in a few days either. If anyone has his phone # or whatever PM me please! Thanks! Will