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  1. Small 90 Elbow hose connecting to air box.

    Help Forum
    I noticed this hose was cracked beyond use.It is the 90 degree elbow hose that connects to the air box and air control valve. But for some reason it had some sort of blocker inside it to limit the air flow. Is there a mod I can do to by-pass this hose. thankyou felow tl owners.
  2. help!Bigger connecting rod bearings??

    Performance Enhancement
    Hi. I got huge problem, my TL R`s (-99) connecting rod locked up, it went so bad that suzuki`s orginal rod bearings(brown,black&yellow) are too thin on it after machining,(only crankshaft have to be machined.) So I ask is there any car or other bike bigger bearings wich will fits on the...