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  1. 2001 tl1000r no start situation

    Help Forum
    ive recently bought a 2001 tlr. ran it around yesterday, parked it, covered it when cool.this morning however i turned the key and the fuel pump never came on, hit the starter and nothing happened there either. not even a bump. where the temp is, it was readin chec. i checked the battery...
  2. computer upgrade kit

    Looking to Sell, Any Items, NON Motorcycle
    intel celeron 3.0gig on gigabyte M/B 1gig DDR2 ram onboard graphics and sound. pcixpress slot and pci slots. takes older P4 power connector. 80gig hdd windows xp home loaded and license label included. onboard lan and 4 rear USB2.0 . more on board. includes hdd cable and case plate for sockets...
  3. Is my computer possessed?

    Open Forum
    Because that's about the only explanation I've come up with for my recent troubles:banghead Last night while I was working the computer quite responding - mouse and keyboard did nothing. There was no indication of a problem other than that the cursor stopped moving and the keyboard was also...
  4. computer virus warning!!!

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Be Extremely Careful Especially if using Internet mail such as Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and so on. This information arrived this morning direct from both Microsoft and Norton. Please send it to everybody you know who has access to the Internet. You may receive an apparently harmless email with a...
  5. Computer help please.

    Open Forum
    My puters screen shat itself so is off to be fixed under warrenty and have borrowed a mates until it returns,all good and no problem getting on TLZONE but cant get onto a local bike forum:Ono matter what i do it keeps coming back at me with wrong password/username:banghead:Oi i used there online...
  6. one crazy WALL-E computer case mod

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    this guy's got some skillz :hail
  7. Computer question

    Open Forum
    What's the best anti-virus software for a home pc? The PC and Xbox360 are wireless link to my BTHomeHub so looking for a program that isnt too difficult to set up for wireless network. I have had problems in the past with free/shareware programs that knacker the wireless network. Running...
  8. A Question for Computer Types

    Open Forum
    I had an old computer whose power supply died. It's not worth fixing but I'd like to get the data off the hard drive by installing it as a slave in another computer I have. The old drive is EIDE and the new system uses a SATA drive though the motherboard has provisions for EIDE. I'm using Vista...
  9. Need a few computer parts for a buildup.

    Open Forum
    I bought Dave's board and now I need a cool cheep case with USB ports in the front. 2GB of Ram, a sata HD drive 160GB at least, an AMD2 processor and cooling fan. So if you can help me send me an affordable price on the stuff I need. I've been checking and tigerdirect. I...
  10. Computer geeks needed, quick question

    Open Forum
    Alright you geeks, put on your SATA drive hats. I installed a SATA drive on location 1, I have 2 IDE drives and the primary is my boot drive. SATA drive is recognized by the MOBO and shows on my Device manager, however it does not show up as a drive on the System anywhere? Got any guesses as...
  11. computer nerd

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    need help put in a new hard drive in my desktop and windows xp but internet wont work hard drive was new. i read i need a driver but not sure and dont know where to get it. my computer is a hp pavilion 512n
  12. Computer question

    Open Forum
    Would it be possible to setup a NAS (or PC) such that its drive would show up as a system drive on my other computers even when they are not on the home network, but just connected over the internet? I'm going to need to re-do my computer setup sooner or later. The current setup is a couple of...
  13. One of my other hobbies...

    Open Forum
    Alright I thought I'd post this on here, just for shits and giggles. I mod everything I have...even my computer :devious heres a link to a thread I have over at The Best Case Scenario (a computer case modders forum) on a current build I'm doing. Heres a little background. My fiance and I...