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clutch problem

  1. TL1000R - Sluggish Clutch, no Speedo or Tach

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    I haven't started tearing the bike down yet to access the issue, so this thread is more of a preemptive strike of sorts. Was riding home the other day and noticed my clutch lever was becoming very spongy. I'd pull it all the way in to shift, then it just sort of took its sweet time returning to...
  2. TL1000R 4th Gear - Gearbox Problem

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hi Gents, Just thought i'd run this past you guys before Me and my mate begine stripping like crazy, the gearbox from his 2001 TL1000R This bike has done 25k he's owned it from new and has never skipped a beat, very reliable, however... It has started to play up in fourth gear? Sometimes you...
  3. TLS Clutch :(

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    Thought I would have a go at sorting the slipping clutch out myself, it had a new clutch fitted by a not very good bike shop by all accounts. I need some help trying to figure out what I can try next. Today I slackened off the clutch cable at both ends Then I slacked off the lock nut on the...
  4. clutch adjustment

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    Please help:banghead.......i have a hydrolic clutch on my bike and since ive owned it (4 months) the bite is a long way out on the lever- almost fully out which makes riding through town really uncomfortable! ive tried bleeding the clutch which helped for about 10mins then it went back to where...
  5. help help clutch problem

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    i have a 98 tlr and cant get my head round wot is up wit my clutch !!!!! pull lever in select a gear start feathering it out waitin for it to bite but nothin till your i say 97% out and thats it so its all or nothin ? ive checked clutch plates there ok put a new piston & seala in lever and still...